Wednesday, September 18, 2013

Things are going slowly with this project right now.  I'm still working on shift/shirts.  I have acquired silk for blackwork but I haven't yet chosen an pattern.

I will have to choose soon though, time will run out.

Monday, August 26, 2013

Short update

As with so many things, this project has grown.  I have decided that linen bobbin lace is necessary.  I had toyed with the idea of some punto in aria on the collars but I want something fairly uncomplicated (as that is what I see in the portraits) and the pattern I found that I liked the best was a small bobbin lace pattern.  I have found the thread to use (in stash, of course).

I will have to adjust the pattern to have a more period appearance.  Bobbin lace before 1650 always included a gimp, which is not a particular favorite style of mine, and is the reason I don't actually make much bobbin lace these days.  The adjustments shall be fairly quick and easy.

Today I plan to cut out camica and shirt.  Both will have blackwork on them.  I also need to cut out the new pair of bodies.

Next week, I hope, there will be new pictures.

Tuesday, August 20, 2013

A little sewing

I have started some new sewing projects.

I am making a new set of garb, from the skin out.

Including camica, pair of bodys, sottana, and the list goes on.  I have my pattern for the pair of bodys and I'm finishing the hand work on the camica (this was in a pile of unfinished garments, and only needed assembly) for under that.  Then will come the lovely embroidered camica which will be visible in the neckline and a Venetian 'falling ruff'.  My inspiration is from these portraits:

I have already gone through my stash and located the fabrics I am considering.  As I actually start each piece I will post the chosen fabric and work in progress for each piece.  But until I start cutting there is no way to be sure what I will actually choose. 

In addition to this female ensemble I am also creating, simultaneously a similar time period, male ensemble.  Okay - honestly, I'm making two complete outfits from the skin out.  These outfits are intended to be worn at my local SCA groups 12th Night event on January 4, 2014.   This may be more than I can manage, but you never know until you try. 

Inspiration for the male ensemble is: 

I am also taking several ideas gleaned from books in my library.  I have also gathered the fabrics and things for this outfit as well. But again, until I actually put scissors to fabric it's any one's guess how things will come together.